Established in 2023

Marekaj is the Haitian word for swamp or wetlands. During the founding the two centuries of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade the Swamp became a place of sanctuary and refugee for enslaved people s and Free People of Color alike. Marekaj offers a safe space for creativity and culture in much the same way.

I created this space to help document the journey from idea to brand. When I was first thinking about creating a brand of my own I knew I wanted it to be both a place where I could feel free to express my creativity and vision but also a place where I could honor my history and those who came before me. I pull much of my inspiration for product design from crafts of the American South and West Africa and update them in a way that is deeply personal speaks to the globally community that we are apart of. 

It’s my hope that in doing so, others also find inspiration and refuge in my work and the work of the artists and craftsmen I partner with.

Gerrod Jones


Our Mission is to work with small scale local craftsmen from around the world so that by telling our story we help to uplift them as well.


A unique space that harnesses the African-American experience to create a new globally inclusive world